Equitas Academy #2

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Mr. Gomez is a part of Equitas Academy because he believes in our mission to help all scholars go to and graduate from a College or University. With proper help and guidance from Culture Coordinators and Staff there is no doubt that all our scholars will achieve this. His greatest achievement thus far would have to be when he set a goal for himself to become an amateur boxer. Through relentless hard work, dedication, and guidance from his coaches this goal was met. Prior to working at Equitas Academy, Mr. Gomez has worked along side Camino Nuevo Charter School and Esperanza Elementary. His role was to help student behavior and to help better communicate with parents and all scholars to help their emotional and mental health. He has also worked for Hoover, Grant and Magnolia Elementary Schools.  The knowledge and advice he received from teachers, the school principal, the Lead Campus Aide, and peers was very critical in his development in becoming the great Culture Coordinator he is today.